Project Management

Designup brings more than 25 years of experience in design, construction, engineering, and mechanical projects together with 16 years of project management experience in construction projects.

Contracting If our clients have not already selected a contractor, we assist them in obtaining bids or negotiating proposals from contractors and awarding a contract for construction. This includes preparing bid documents, going over the plans with contractors, analyzing and comparing bids, etc. for all pre-construction processes.

Oversight Managing everything related to the building project, from the planning phases and day-to-day activities to the delivery of the finished project. We help define objectives, look at feasibility and budget, determine timelines, help establish performance standards, and guide owners in choosing teams, from architects to contractors to insurers.

Collaboration The design process is completed on site during construction, in partnership with the owner and contractor. Our work in this phase also includes answering our client’s and contractor’s questions, reviewing shop drawings, writing and approving change orders, managing timelines, and continuing to provide customer support between the owner and contractor to assure the best outcome for the project.